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NAPIT and Copronet – Working together to Grow, Manage and Protect your business

Copronet is the “all in one” toolkit for construction which is transforming the way the industry works. The user-friendly platform helps trades, suppliers, contractors and clients come to together, be more productive and better organised.

NAPIT Members Exclusive offer- Copronet’s Pro Plan – free forever (saving you £300pa plus VAT).

Your FREE Pro Plan subscription will allow you to:-

  • Work remotely, keeping your team together
  • Manage projects, plan work, ask questions, share files and  ideas and more
  • Keep everything in one place- not all over the place. Copronet fully integrates with email, so no need to change the way you work
  • Search thousands of projects and leads to find the jobs you want to work on
  • Be found by people who need your specialist skills
  • Showcase your work on your profile page, making it easier for people to find you
  • Build your customer base through your own network on Copronet by searching over 25,000 construction related companies on the platform.

Here’s how to get your free subscription to Pro Plan

All you need to do when you sign up is:

To get the current Pro Plan FREE FOREVER, all you need to do when you sign up is:

1.      Enter the code NAPITEXCLUSIVE

2.      Upload a photograph or logo of yourself/company

3.      Upload your NAPIT certification

4.      Successfully invite 5 new users to your network within 1 month

Build your Network. Build your Project.
Build your Business.

Create your free account and start building