PQQ Services

The one aspect of pre-project work that can burn time, money and resources is PQQ.

We know all too well how arbitrary it can feel. That’s why Copronet built a service that cuts it down and saves you time.

No Card - No Contract - No Risk

PQQ & your opportunities

About to work on a new project, but feel like you have to jump through hoops to get a lengthy PQQ completed?

While they’re meant to make the application process more approachable to SMEs, PQQs can often become an obstacle when you don’t have adequate resources.

We at Copronet thought there had to be an easier way of preparing any business for the application process.

That’s when we created our custom Profile Builder.

Your own PQQ builder

Profile Builder is our interpretation of PAS 91, the industry standard in pre-qualification questionnaires for construction contracts.

It helps you get prepared for the inevitable with the opportunity to have all your relevant information in one simple form.

PQQ common questions

The Profile Builder has simple fields to fill in that will help build a clear picture of what a potential partner needs to know.

We finessed the form in a manner that highlights that you’re demonstrating due diligence. Through your account, you’ll find a simple way of providing potential customers with information that matters.

You can provide information on:

• Company details
• Relevant experience
• Areas of Expertise

Overlooked elements of a PQQ

It’s also important to show that you’re taking everything seriously. More companies are now looking to see that a business is adhering to health & safety procedures for their staff.

In some cases, they might also want to know about your company’s environmental impact or if you have some level of sustainability protocols in place.

PQQ & procurement

Copronet users can get a head start with their tenders and applications by utilising the tools at hand when they sign up.

All users get access to our Project Hub. It’s the easiest way to find construction leads for your specialised fields across the UK.

PQQ & our Pro Plan

Copronet is free as standard to all users.

For £7 a month, Pro Plan users get access to a larger suite of tools that can help make pre-qualification easier.

Paid members can enjoy:

Bulk messaging
Access to unique projects
Work alerts
Full company branding
15GB file storage

PQQ & a common sense approach

The last thing a business wants to do is have all their PQQ information sitting perfectly without a clear way of getting it in the right hands.

Full Copronet members have exportability and full branding options available on their profiles. This helps you to create a variation that is succinct and makes the PQQ process quicker.

Finding tenders

Need help finding relevant tenders?

From Belfast to Bishopbriggs or Bath, we’re helping users all over the UK simplify the PQQ process and get connected to a network that is actively looking for partnerships.

Plus, with our advanced search feature you can easily refine your planning leads and search in specific locations.

Join today and see just how convenient it could, and should, be.