Construction Tenders

Copronet connects you to over 400,000 construction tenders in the UK.

Find the people you want to work within the areas you want to work in while connecting with the right people.

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Getting Better Construction Tenders

Copronet helps improve the construction tender process.

Through an integrated approach, we make it easier for those in the industry to build a stronger network of connections and find tenders that will benefit any business.

Getting Started with the Construction Tender Process

The biggest stumbling block of tenders can be getting your initial relationship off the ground, especially when it comes to establishing credibility.

Copronet can help match your business with the right tenders and provide a more efficient tender completion process for your business. We do this by simplifying the process at every stage.

Simplifying the Tender Process

We help make the tender process easier by:

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Providing a seamless tender process; from feasibility to completion

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Finding construction jobs at the earliest opportunity

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Managing all bids and tenders in one place

Finding Construction Tender Opportunities

Copronet users have access to a tool that helps simplify the construction tender process. As a member, you’ll be able to search through a list of over 400,000 UK based tenders, sourced from planning applications and public sector projects, with new leads being added every day.

We provide users with a single simple interface to help check the latest tenders for contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and other professionals from the construction industry.

Copronet is also a unique tender management tool. With our matchmaking feature, you can search in specific locations, or with the advanced search feature, you can refine searches even further.

This is available within the Pro Plan, as is the ability to save unlimited searches, which then means that our users are alerted when a new tender that matches your search criteria appears on the platform.

Making Bids and the Tender Process Easier

The bid process can be convoluted at times. Copronet helps users navigate those hurdles by simplifying the tender process.

Using the Profile Builder, you can add company profiles, save legal documents, references and case studies online through secure file sharing, saving you time from having to provide the same information over and over again.

Pro Plan users have access to many other enhanced features including 4 Full Credit Rating checks per month, ensuring that your business is protected against non or late payments.

Finding Tenders Within Your Niche

We know that the construction industry varies widely. With years of experience in figuring out how to connect the dots, we help Copronet users within the construction industry find tenders that match their areas of specialism.

Whether you’re centred around public sector work, refurbishment, new build in retail, commercial, leisure, offices, residential, or civil engineering etc, we guide users towards relevant connections.

Bids and Construction Contract Management

We don’t just help users find and win tenders; we also help you manage the work process through our Project Hub.

You’ll be able to keep track of project information, tasks, documents and find collaborators all in one place. No more having to navigate multiple apps or wasting find finding relevant information across sources.

The Platform works on desktop computers and mobile devices, helping you manage projects on any device.

Public Sector Construction Bids Across the UK

You can build a dedicated network of relevant connections within your area to find local construction tenders that best match your business.

Want to get more public tenders for your company?

We help users find relevant tenders in: