Construction Planning Software

Enabling businesses across the UK to improve project efficiency, Copronet provides construction planning software solutions that improve workflow and help keep budgets in line.

Through our customisable interface, you’ll be able to plan every step of a project in a collaborative process.

No Card - No Contract - No Risk

Better construction planning with bespoke software

We know that every construction project will have unique challenges and individual requests that set it apart time and time again.

When you’re planning a project at scale, it is important to have a service at hand that can take every strand and turn it into an adaptable plan that is easily accessible at every stage.

Copronet strives to make construction planning easier with software that is intuitive and doesn’t make you jump through hurdles throughout the day.

What construction planning needs to do

Before the first person gets on site, there needs to be a plan in place that can work depending on the resources available.

Construction planning needs to perform various tasks while pushing towards increased productivity simultaneously.

Whether it’s building a new house or completely refurbishing a hotel site, our software helps those who have to work on a tangible basis.

That’s why we’ve created our intuitive platform.

Construction planning with the platform

The Copronet interface makes planning easier by:

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Providing a secure portal to plan work

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Making it simple to collaborate with other users every day

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Giving you dedicated space to store documents you’ll need

Construction software built with teams in mind

Copronet helps make projects collaborative.

You’ll never have to worry about different strands of work or correspondence being scattered across different platforms. Our integrated software allows others working on a project to join and get added into the mix.

You’ll be able to better schedule work and not have to worry about being burdened with a complicated interface that takes forever to get used to.

Copronet software is reactionary and easy to use at every stage of your project.

Construction planning software for your niche

Don’t get bogged down by software that promises to be dedicated to a specific sub-industry. Our software works for anyone in the construction industry.

Some of the niche areas that can benefit from this software include:

• Commercial construction
• Earthwork and excavation
• Home building
• Utilities
• Finishing contractors

Avoiding data loss

No more scribbling notes down here and there to try and keep information in the loop. Every Copronet user gets at least 1GB of personal space to store files and ideas.

This not only stops data loss across a project but also helps keep tabs on ideas that can make a project run far more efficiently.

Members can make use of these core features:

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Secure collaboration

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File sharing for teams

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In-app messaging

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Web-based software

Construction planning software that’s affordable

With our experience of the construction sector, we know that there are a lot of specialised options out there and software that doesn’t justify the price.

From our completely free membership to a Pro Plan that is only £7 per month per user, you’ll have access to a new way of working that helps keep you running projects without limitations.

Join Copronet today to save time and money, manage your budget better and see improvements across all your projects.