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Helping to improve productivity, enable better budget control and allow you to control projects from any device, our construction management software is helping 1000s of users streamline their workload.

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Copronet software solutions

Copronet has years of experience in the construction industry.

Over time we’ve come to pinpoint where problems in the project chain can crop up. One of the biggest red flags comes from not having integrated software at hand to help control projects.

For decades we’ve been working in a way that can see us jot down information in one place, liaise with different people on different platforms without passing the information on, or simply forget to do something that can have a knock-on effect later in a project.

We knew it had to be made simpler. That’s why we built a full-service platform to make managing construction projects easier.

Getting started with construction management software

Giving anyone a new piece of software can be a daunting prospect.

We have built a platform that puts the user first and doesn’t complicate things.

You’ll be able to integrate management like never before.

Simplifying construction projects at every stage

We make construction project management easier by:

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Helping you arrange tasks on the go

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Allowing collaborators to onboard when you need them

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Providing a secure portal for management communication

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Keeping all your communications in one place

A comprehensive approach to management

We don’t want to provide users with software that has a lot of bells and whistles attached.

Construction management needs to be effortless and progressive.

With the ability to discreetly share documents to different parties throughout a project, you’ll have wider control of your work and expectations.

Benefits of tailored software

Copronet’s interface works as a modern management tool for those in the construction industry. It helps everyone from contractors to project managers get an easy understanding of how far along a project is.

Benefits of our software include:

• Budget control
• Early identification of possible procurement issuesl
• A clearer look at asset managementl
• A faster approach to client managementl

Construction management software that actually manages

Copronet knows that getting information out there can be the most annoying and the easiest stumbling block of any project.

With secure file storage and a platform that is easily accessible for any team members, you’re able to share ideas and information quickly and securely.

Construction software for specialists

Copronet was designed with specialists in mind, particularly in fields where dedicated software isn’t traditionally available.

Our interface is ideal for those working within:

• Property development
• General building
• Joinery
• Plumbing & electrical
• Civil engineering
• Utilities

Why Use Copronet’s software solutions

It shouldn’t be the case that every project has to start or run into difficulties.

We’ve created a modern platform and network that trumps outdated ways of carrying out project management for those in the construction industry.

Users can access their network on any device, whether they’re in the office or out visiting sites. And with the ability to update projects on the move, there’s less risk of missteps or delays along the project chain.