Construction & Planning Leads

Copronet connects the members with over 400,000 construction projects in the UK. Receive UK-wide planning leads and all public sector jobs, which are updated daily.

Identify projects you want to work on, whether it’s a job within your local area or one that matches the size of your company.

With a network & platform custom made for the construction industry, target the right leads that match your personal requirements.

No Card - No Contract - No Risk

Getting better construction & planning leads

Copronet helps improve the planning leads process.

Through an integrated approach, we make it easier for those in the industry to build a stronger network of connections and find tenders that will benefit any business.

We know the drawbacks and limitations that can create hurdles for businesses trying to source leads that work best for their business.

Big construction companies can pay ahead for leads while smaller businesses previously had to trawl through local sites just for the opportunity to find tenders.

We are simplifying this process at every stage for everyone in the construction industry, no matter what level they’re at.

Getting started with construction leads

While hearing news of big tenders being sought is well announced, the actual process of trying to find them can sometimes take on a “needle in haystack” approach.

Getting on that first rung of the ladder and being able to see where construction leads are, as well as being seen, is vitally important.

Copronet puts a focus on the user first. We are helping pivotal members of businesses find their ideal network, make the right connections and create a solid foundation to jumpstart the lead process.

We do this by simplifying the lead process for our users at every stage.

Simplifying the planning lead process

We help take the stress away from the lead process by:

- Helping users plan their leads for major projects through our pre-project management features

- Finding construction leads at the earliest opportunity

- Giving you the ability to manage multiple tenders simultaneously

- Providing the chance to bulk message potential clients

- Helping you share files and ideas that can improve your lead process

Finding construction leads

Copronet wants to make it so easy to find new leads that you won’t even consider it work.

Our work search tool will help you match with relevant disciplines and specialised areas that your business can lean on to get an advantage over others.

Whether you’re a contractor, trade supplier, project manager or an architect, we can help you find the leads that matter.

Finding planning leads within your niche

Every business has its own specialities. Copronet users can use their strengths as an advantage by sourcing the best planning leads within their specialism.

Some of the popular areas we have new planning leads for include:

•New build
•Extension & renovation
•Listed building work

Finding the right planning leads

Don’t let running the numbers become an issue.

We help users find opportunities that can fit within the level of work your company can comfortably do to get the job done.

Copronet helps users come across projects that are timely and match your expertise and strengths.

Construction & planning leads across the UK

We want to improve local connections by placing business in front of construction leads that harvest local talent and build professional relationships.

Copronet connects users with an ever-growing network of people within the industry who are looking for you to come on board at various stages of the project, no matter where in the UK you’re located.

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Construction & planning lead management

It shouldn’t be the case that every tender opportunity means you have to start at stage one again.

With the Platform we’ve created for every Copronet user, you’ll be able to track each lead and hold all your relevant documents in one place to make the process more efficient.

Whether you’re in front of your computer, or using your phone on the go, the Platform is right there to help with your leads.