Supply Chain Management

Managing your supply chain and your databases is critical and time consuming. Our Supply Chain Management tool makes it easy for you to keep your databases up to date and to communicate with your contacts.


Up To Date Data

Simply uploading your database by Excel or CSV will automatically highlight out of date contact information – a clean list in minutes! And that list will synchronise with other elements of the platform and public databases to categorise your connections in an easy to understand format, where you can view and search contacts by specialism, location, turnover with a level of granularity that you will not find elsewhere.

For Clients and Contractors

Copronet makes it easy for your contacts to update their information themselves taking the burden off your team. You will be alerted when critical things like insurances are about to expire and the system will keep prompting your contact to update the information –

you will be notified whether they do so successfully or not.

Your internal teams can make notes and comments on suppliers and share those internally so that the whole of the company is on the same page. And, if you want, the platform will suggest alternative suppliers that might not be known to you but suit your specific needs.


When it comes to communicating with your supply chain, you might just want to update everyone about recent success stories, forthcoming opportunities or significant policy changes. Or you might want to ask specific companies to quote for a project. Whichever it might be, the ability to bulk message and attach documents or links saves hours of time and removes communication pitfalls and commercial risk.

End to End Integration

Because the Supply Chain tool is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Project Hub, you can be guaranteed an affordable and effortless solution from the RFQ stage right through design, tendering, construction and handover.


You will be pleasantly surprised! Contact us. If you like, we can even offer our detailed verification process to remove even more of your administrative burden and give you greater business certainty