Supply Chain Management

Our Supply Chain Management tool makes it easier and quicker to keep your databases up to date and to communicate with your contacts.


Up-to-date Data

Upload your database (Excel or CSV file) and our system will highlight out-of-date contact information and clean your list in minutes. It will also synchronise your list against public databases and categorise your contacts in a meaningful way. You can then view and search your own contacts by specialism, memberships, qualifications, location and turnover, with a greater level of detail than you will find elsewhere, and your data remains your data.

For Clients and Contractors

Once your contact database is on our system it becomes a live document that updates automatically when your contacts change their own details in our Profile Builder. Our system also sends you alerts when a contact’s insurance policies or other listed documents are about to expire and then again when they are renewed. You and members of your internal teams can add comments and notes on suppliers and share them between you, so that everyone is aware of past history. If required, the platform will also suggest alternative suppliers that are not on your list but may meet your specific needs.

Easy Communications

The Copronet system allows you to send individual and bulk messages to your contacts and to attach documents and links as required. This saves you both time and effort, as you can respond to messages straight from your inbox – no need to learn a new system. Whether you want to update everyone on a policy change or ask specific companies to quote on an upcoming project, our Supply Chain Management tools enable you and your team to manage all of your communications in one organised place.

End- to- end Integration

Our Supply Chain Management tool integrates seamlessly with our Project and Document Management functionality.

This means that the people and companies on your contact list are cross referenced and lined up against the appropriate stages of your project. As a result, it creates a refined and unified system that supports the way you work, from the RFQ stage right through to design, tendering, construction and handover.


You will be very pleasantly surprised because we offer our Supply Chain Management feature as part of all of our price plans, including our Essentials FREE Plan.