• Project Hub

    Project Hub is where you can manage any project at any stage, from feasibility to post-completion, in a secure common data environment.

    It's more than just project management software, It’s where you control everything and anything to do with your project. And Project Hub is completely free to use.

    No Card - No Contract - No Risk

    Getting Started with Project Hub

    Creating a project is simple. We have analysed every step of the process and put together bespoke tools for our users to run successful projects.

    From document management, tasks and discussions, collaborating with team members or finding new people to work with you Project Hub makes it easy and keeps everything in one place.

    Your Project - Your Control

    Your Project - Your Control - Your information and your documents are stored securely. You decide what information you share and who you share it with.

    You can message everyone or specific individuals that you select and create, allocate and manage tasks

    Find the Best Project Collaborators

    Reviewing and assessing potential collaborators suitability has never been easier with Copronet's project management tool and hub.

    View their experience, case studies, references, insurances, Health and Safety credentials, professional standing and more, quickly and easily.

    Accurate & Verified Team Members

    Our “Verified By” tool will take much of the administrative burden out of this review process for you. The Copronet Team will verify business-critical information such as Company details, Company number, VAT number, insurance documents, and certification and Health & Safety compliance.

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    Project Hub is completely free to use on Copronet. Join now and see how easy it can be to manage your projects and tenders.

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