Networking with Copronet

You are possibly already on LinkedIn. Well, our Network will look very familiar and easy to use – but it’s a network that is exclusively for the construction industry.

Imagine a network like LinkedIn with the power of Google and you have just imagined Copronet.

By making it easier and faster to find the right projects and specialists, we are changing an industry in changing times.


Networking for Everyone in Construction

Our construction industry network allows you to showcase your skills and successes. You can update all of your social media accounts from one platform. And quite a lot more too…..

When you get your free account, you can obviously invite in the people that you work closely with. You can also find new people to work with whether they are Professionals, Clients, Contractors or specialist contractors. You can search, sort and favourite your best connections to create lists/ groups.

Networking Made Easy

Want to communicate discretely with all of your clients or approved contractors? You can do it here.

Want to send out drawings for costings to a few specialists? You can do it here.

Maybe you want to update your supply chain on changes in your specification? You can do it here.

Connect with our Verified Businesses

Our construction industry Network tool offers you a unique opportunity to grow your supply chain and customer base by finding exactly the right people to work with.

Want to make sure that you’re connecting with businesses who are fully insured, have the relevant safety qualifications and are confirmed members of a relevant body? You can network with Copronet’s Verified By users and identify contractors that match your exact needs.

Networking and Then Some

The network tool is unlike anything else.

The ability to choose and bulk message (it’s like Bcc on email) your connections makes it easy to get the job done and keep everything in one place.

And, perhaps most importantly, we think that your address book is yours and you should be able to protect it. That’s why your connections cannot see who else you are connected with.