Finance Checker

Our company Finance Checker tool is a core part of great due diligence that Copronet offers to our Pro Plan users.

This tool is brought to you in partnership with CreditSafe one of the UK’s most respected business credit rating agencies.

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Credit Checks for New Partnerships

Finance Checker sits hand in hand with our Profile Builder Tool, allowing users to quickly assess the status of new or current business partners. Running a report will clue you into company vitals that can give you guidance on how to approach a potential partnership.

Our company Finance Checker can inform you about payment trends, credit ratings, and other key data, to help you understand whether cash flow will be fine or if you’ll be chasing invoices.

Assess Risk & Avoid Late Payments

Late payment and bad debt are huge issues within the construction industry but our Finance Checker tool can help you assess the risk within the supply chain.

Carrying out a Finance Check will let you understand more about company structures, turnover, credit ratings, payment trends and previous directorships.

These downloadable reports can you give you peace of mind and even better - we will update you as soon as there are any changes. They put you in control.

With Copronet, you can not only grow your business but you can protect your business.

Credit Checks for Copronet Pro Users

Finance Checks are part of our Pro Plan, which is only £20 (plus VAT) per user, per month or £200 plus VAT per user, per annum.

The monthly plan gives a user 4 Finance Checks each month and the annual plan offer a user 60 Finance Checks each year.

Upgrading to our Pro Plan gives you many other additional features too - find out more here.

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