• Tools overview

    Copronet is the only fully integrated platform designed, from the ground up, for the way construction professionals work. It contains all the software tools you need to tackle any stage in the construction process, all in one place. And because we wanted to make Copronet accessible to everyone working in construction, it is both easy to use and surprisingly affordable.


    The individual tools can be used on their own or together, as fully integrated solutions.

    How it all works

    Work Smarter

    Our Project Management tool includes an online GANTT Chart that updates automatically as changes are made. It lets you assign tasks, work on files at the same time, send and store messages, monitor progress and more. From feasibility studies to post completion, you can track and deliver every stage of your project from your PC, tablet or Smartphone.

    Work Faster

    With live collaborations on important documents (Project Management tool) you can reduce the time everyone spends travelling between meetings to achieve the same result. Our Network tool enables you to fine tune your search parameters for specialists and contractors and fast track to a shortlist. And our Work Search and Profile Builder tools help you find and apply for opportunities in seconds.

    Work Together

    The construction industry is truly vast, but with Copronet you can have access to everyone in it, at your fingertips. Our Network and Supply Chain Management tools keep you in touch with those you know and connect you with those you need to find. Close to home, Copronet offers a home base for the whole team where tasks, communications and files can be stored, updated and managed.

    Work More

    Our Work Search database is the most comprehensive source of construction work available. We offer free access to all planning leads and public sector jobs listed, with even more unique project opportunities for subscribers. Profile Builder lets you showcase your expertise, experience and qualifications in one place and apply for work in seconds, while our Verified By service reduces the screening burden for prospective employers, putting you one step ahead in the process.