Profile Builder (original)

We want to make it easy for you to share and showcase your skills, expertise, and qualifications no matter what size of projects you get involved in.

And we want it to be easy for your next customer or client to find you and see what you can do.

So we’ve done two brilliant things:

Firstly, we have launched our free verification service “Verified By”. To find out more, just click here . This is our helpful way of making it easier for clients to find the right resource and for specialists to showcase their skills.

Secondly, if you are working on bigger projects or hoping to work with the public sector, our online PQQ (based on PAS91) makes it easier for you to supply all of the answers that you get asked all of the time. But you only have to fill it in once.


For Contractors and Specialists

Filling in the same forms over and over wastes your time and money. So our Profile Builder is the easy way to keep on top of your documents and certificates and showcase your skills and expertise. So after you register, we will ask you to upload certain documents and information, including your case studies. This enables you to keep everything in one place, get reminders when you need to update things, save time and money and, most importantly, show your business in the best light.

For Clients and Main Contractors

For a lot of businesses like yours, the critical thing is to be able to find the right sort of supplier in the first place. Our ”Verified By” function helps you start drawing up a shortlist straight away.

If you want to find out more information from a potential partner, then you can perhaps ask them to complete the online PQQ (which is based on PAS91) or you can message them within the platform and ask further questions or attach and send your own bespoke set of questions.

The Profile Builder is completely free and offers you a perfect platform to promote yourself and your business and is the best way to find the right specialists that you need for your project team.