Finding out how to sell yourself better

14 September 2020

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Finding out how to sell yourself better
With over 2 million contractors in the UK, competition is fierce. Of those roughly 260,000 are electricians and 120,000 are plumbing and heating engineers. That on its own is tough enough but when you add the impact of COVID-19 on earnings, how can you make sure you are the number one choice in your profession?
Follow Copronet’s 3 simple tips below to find out how you can win more contracts and get your business back on its feet again.

Personal recommendations are valuable, so you need to showcase yourself and your work in the best possible way. When talking to potential new clients about your work, be ready to have examples and testimonials of previous projects you have worked on. This can be done in several ways. The most obvious is having your own website where you can have images of your previous work, but this costs both time and money.
By using Copronet, the search engine for construction businesses, you can do this instantly and for FREE. With more than 25,000 businesses on the platform, the ability to find new work and new clients/ customers has never been easier. Also, don’t forget your existing clients/ customers – you never know when they may need your services again. Invite your contacts to join your private network on the Copronet platform. This then means that every time you add to your activity feed, perhaps with images of both current and past projects, your contacts and possible clients are reminded about you. You can also upload your qualifications and certificates on the Profile Builder tool.
Your account will become a unique URL that you can then share with potential clients to promote yourself and this of course also boosts your business rankings on the internet.

Once you have a centralised place to guide people to look at your work, you now need to find the jobs to grow your business. Usually you have to wait to be called by a client in need of some help, but why not be a bit more proactive? Trawling through vast databases of planning leads and public sector jobs is very time consuming but the Work Search Tool within Copronet really simplifies things. You can filter a number of search fields including job type, location and skills required.With nearly half a million leads on Work Search you can be in control of which job you do next. For example, if you don’t want to travel far you can ensure the project is local to you by filtering distance from a given location. Working more local to you will help save travelling time and expenses. Use your proximity to convince them to employ you for the other projects as well, creating loyalty with the client / customer.

Money makes the world go around and that’s no different in construction. Especially for smaller one-off projects where skills, testimonials, and location may not immediately give to you a cutting edge. How you price your work and time will be the defining factor for many
people’s decisions, this has never been more important than the situation that we currently all find ourselves in. Of course, you have to find a balance between earning enough at the end of the month and at the same time be affordable enough so that people employ you. A bit of competitor analysis can help you position yourself in the market. Search to see who your competitors are and if you have better qualifications or can do the job quicker you can price yourself higher. You can also stand out from your competition by getting verified on the Copronet platform. This verification is quick and is completely free. Being a verified contractor shows others that you are trusted and helps you and your business stand out.

In conclusion, know your strengths and let others know about them. Copronet helps you showcase your skills and work and connect with new clients and developers. Use our Profile Builder to properly promote yourself and grow your business.

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