How using construction technology saves time & money!

13 November 2018

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The construction industry is known to be a very late adopter in technology, in fact, we are the least digitised sector in Europe, even ranking below agriculture.

A recent survey taken by individuals and companies working in the construction industry using some sort of technology in their working day found that 79% of those using technology to run a job found that it reduced the amount of time it takes to complete a project.

Here are three clear advantages of how using technology will help you:

  1. Better collaboration

Information sharing amongst a team is essential and technology allows you to do this more easily and efficiently. Rather than calling meetings or all having to be on site together, instead, by using some sort of construction technology you are able to discuss what needs to be done with your team members without it interrupting your working day. Real time communication enables any issues or disagreements to be resolved quickly and effectively by keeping everyone on the same page.

  1. No dreaded paperwork

There is no doubt we have all experienced situations where information via a paper trail has been mismanaged or even lost. Technology can ensure that this no longer happens. By having all your documents in one secure place you will have more time to concentrate on getting the job done on or even ahead of time. Not to mention the cost saving on top of that!

  1. Keep up to date on the go

What better way of keeping track of your jobs than by having everything on your mobile device. By having access to all the job documentation and communication in real time it means a better chance that things will get done right the first time meaning less expensive mistakes.

The biggest issue people find with construction technology is affordability. There are many solutions that you can use without breaking the bank, Copronet being one. Our easy to use software has been created with affordability in mind, our platform enables users to share information more quickly and efficiently with other members of the team through the Project Hub tool.

We have partnered with NAPIT to help members grow, manage and protect their businesses.

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