How to set yourself apart and work for UK’s leading developers

25 November 2019

Ready to grow your business? Ready to put yourself in front of the largest developers in the nation? Are you just waiting for an opportunity as a contractor to work for names such as McCarthy & Stone or Savilles?

Today we share with you our top tips in setting yourself apart from the crowd and how Copronet can help you score those once in a lifetime chances to work with UK’s largest developers.

  1. Know what you are talking about

Focus on the key strengths of your business and stick to what is best for you and make sure that it is achievable for you and your team. If you decide to go ahead, when quoting for work have some evidence of feedback on a similar job and be prepared to give some examples of great work you have done on other jobs. Those examples can be uploaded to your Copronet account for free, alongside documentation and certificates which highlight you as the professional you are. Once uploaded you can request Verification and employers, clients and developers can on a glance see how skilled you are. 

Most, if not all, trade associations offer workshops and training to gain new skills or build on existing ones. In many cases, these educational services will include a CPD certificate which you can now add as value to any future employers. Gaining qualifications from recognised certification bodies such as NAPIT are incredibly important to highlight your expertise and make you stand out from the competition.

2. Build your Network

If the people you want to stay connected with have not reached out to you yet, take the first step! Start off with a friendly message which introduces yourself and the reason for reaching out. A good start would be to seek out local companies and projects in your region. This way you build a reputation in your geographical area and increase the chances of finding new work.

Copronet is working with UK’s leading developers to bring you projects and jobs you would otherwise never get access to. McCarthy and Stone are the first out of many developers who are looking to employ regionally amongst all contractor fields. 

3. Price the job up sensibly

Many of your competitors will price the job up lower than their costs. Consider why the contract should be awarded to you at your price or higher than your competitors, make sure the job is achievable for your team and price it accordingly. If you want to put forward a low quote, then ensure you have the capability of achieving the timeline with no potential problems along the way. If you make the mistake of pricing too low without a plan, then you could lose a lot of money.

Copronet supports you with winning new construction contracts, get started by filling in your Profile Builder, allowing you to showcase your company. You can then start searching and quoting for contracts using our Work Search tool. There are 1000’s of contracts that are updated daily.

As a NAPIT member, you are eligible to a completely free Pro Plan membership by simply following the steps below:

1.      Enter the code NAPITEXCLUSIVE

2.      Upload a photograph or logo of yourself/company

3.      Upload your NAPIT accreditation

4.      Invite 5 connections into your Copronet network within 1 month- registration is free for everyone!

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