How Technology Can Improve Productivity in the Construction Industry

19 May 2020

There is a slight juxtaposition at play when we look at how those of us in the construction industry view using the latest technology to improve productivity.

You could be on a worksite that has dozens of modern tools that serve the most specific of purposes, the latest breakthroughs in design creating strikingly modern buildings and some builders even using the digital spirit level on their phone when the normal one is out of reach. But try to get people to adapt to using their phone or laptop on the go for chasing up work status online, rather than phoning around or writing it down, and you could be met with some stubbornness.

We are big believers in using technology to improve workflow and highlight how onsite productivity doesn’t have to stagnate simply because you’re not there 24/7. Copronet users across the UK love the versatile nature of having a complete construction network on their devices that is easily accessible and plugs you into the whole team instantly.

If you’re hesitant or just curious as to how technology can improve productivity for those of us in the construction industry, here are some of the ways we believe the adoption of new tools is beneficial.

You’re in real-time now

“I’m just waiting to hear back” are some of the most common words you’ll be met with on any site when work seems idle. Technology is pushing those in construction to be proactive and use secure portals to liaise and collaborate. 

Some construction tools, like ours, employs the use of cloud-based servers to enable anyone in construction to securely access data.

Why does having a cloud-based platform help? It allows anyone to change and update information in real-time. No more having to phone around three different people for a status update when you can simply get feedback and data from a shared platform that you know everyone is looking at.

You’re off to the races

As a contractor, how many times have you scrambled to get PQQs done on time? 

Embracing technology like ours can help you drastically shorten time on your tender process, with little pain points of getting a PAS 91 or equivalent found and sent over.

Instead of spending half the day having to sit and go through it point by point, you can use online software to bash out updated PQQs in minutes, get them double-checked by a team member online and passed on in no time at all.

Sealing the cracks

We know that construction projects by their very nature are designed to be stop-start. There’s a big waiting game involved to go from tender submission to the bid process to the first tool being used on site. 
That stagnation can be avoided when using a team management system or project hub that ties together those loose ends and helps keep you clued in with every little pain point on a project; from the staff at hand to inventory.

No two jobs are the same

Unless you’re constructing a prefab unit, you’ll know that every construction project has its own intricacies and stumbling blocks. Coming to a specific problem can lead to work ceasing, correspondence dropping and annoyed workers.

Using planning software in a cohesive manner can you keep tabs on the team, let them know of any upcoming issues that would be unique to the current work and adjust to scale accordingly. 

That missing bit

How many projects have you been on only to have your day grind to a halt because you can’t find a document or an important bit of information that was scribbled on a note somewhere? Avoid turning the day into a treasure hunt by using technology to your advantage.

Construction productivity software can help you store documents including quick snaps of notes jotted down, keep invoice drafts sitting there ready and waiting, and assign the relevant files to tasks that need it.

You’re provided clarity

You can never underestimate how much communication is key for any project. Any job can suddenly nosedive from Chinese whispers along the chain, creating an aura of miscommunication akin to getting four candles over fork handles.

When the entire team has one platform, they all look at to get updates and correspond; it eliminates the possibility of someone misunderstanding a specific instruction and ruining work for the day.

So how can you use technology to improve productivity?

Still a little trepidatious about making the shift to online project management? Try out Copronet for free by clicking here and see how it can revolutionise your workflow.

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