How Copronet is Helping Small Family Businesses

25 July 2016

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Small Medium Enterprises (SME’s) are, and always will be, the backbone of the UK economy. Every single business, from your favourite independent coffee shop, to market leaders in the construction industry, started out as a SME, often founded by and still owned by the family. Construction giants like Wates, Gallagher, the Shepherd Group and Osborne are still owned or controlled by the founding family.

In today’s crowded marketplace, it’s no longer a case of just having a great idea and excellent customer service. In order to maintain the business’ success and growth, SMEs are having to work smarter to find that edge that will make them stand out from the competition.

How are you making your business stand out from those around you?. Are you producing excellent work at a competitive price and relying on word of mouth to drive the availability of future work?. How are you driving your business forward during quieter periods?. Do you have that edge?.

Copronet was developed to give anybody in any stage of construction that edge. If you’re a supplier or a manufacturer looking for a cost effective method of getting your product in front of the right people, Copronet developed the tools and a platform to exploit that opportunity.

The free Profile Builder tool allows businesses to promote themselves and their skills in their own words to a captive audience. This gives businesses the maximum expose to the customers they are looking to attract, letting the work come to them.

Proactively sourcing new work that you won’t find anywhere else for work is made possible through the specialist Work Search tool, this tool opens up new and exciting opportunities at the best possible time, early and ahead of the competition.

Copronet isn’t just for contractors or specialists. The free Toolbox can also be used by owners of commercial property or landlords looking to either renovate or expand their portfolio of properties.

By linking clients with the very best specialists and suppliers, often from their local area, Copronet reduces risk and adds value by having everything in one place. With an integrated free secure document storage solution for all registered users, the free ToolBox includes the Finance Checker tool, allowing them to keep a close eye on the budget and check the financial stability of any potential new team members before signing contracts.

Copronet gives businesses, small or large the freedom to expand and explore future business opportunities. With a simple and effective interface, Copronet is an innovative solution that is perfect for anybody in any stage of the construction process, whether a Project Manager, Professional, Supplier or manufacturer.

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