How Copronet can circumnavigate the most common Self Build hurdles

28 July 2016

small wooden house

Millions of people in the UK want to build their own home. Whilst motivations may vary, the self build option can be the cheapest way to get the home you really want.

The UK is still lagging behind our European neighbours with only around 10% of new UK homes being self-build. With the government still striving to have a million new homes built before the next general election, despite the value of housebuilders tumbling in the wake of the EU referendum, is now the perfect time for people to enter the self-build market?

Despite the dream, starting on the self-build path is extremely daunting and this is one of many reasons that people decide not to do it. Copronet can remove many of the complexities, reducing risk and adding value for the self-builder, providing the perfect solution for those wanting to self- build their own home, no matter what the size.

What to do first?

Once you have secured a plot, there are many options and routes open to the self-builder. You can approach a main contractor, supply them with all the design drawings and let them take care of the construction process. Or there is the package plan, where you select which type of pre-determined kit you want and you let a builder put up the structure on your behalf. These are two of the most expensive options, however Copronet opens up a range of possibilities, giving the self-builder far greater access to the alternative options. If you’re confident enough and have the required skillset, there is nothing stopping you managing the design and construction process yourself using the Copronet ToolBox, undertaking the lion’s share of the required work and making dramatic savings in the process.

Whichever route you choose, its vital to have the right team in place at the very start and the Network tool will allow you to confidently source every member of your specialist team from Architect to Interior Designer. What you’re looking to find are the closest specialists, delivering the best quality of product and service, maximising your value. The ToolBox lets you do all this and more.

These contractors seem perfect…

To reduce risk and ensure the smooth running of the build, you want to have confidence in the financial stability of your team, especially when you are being asked to pay several thousand pounds up front for materials. Having reviewed and compared specialists detailed profiles, our free Finance Checker tool gives you the relevant information you will want in order to make informed decisions about your team, making sure they have the resources to complete their job to the standard you expect.

With the team in place the Project Hub tool helps you proactively manage either the whole process, from start to finish or just specialist parts of it. This tool allows you to securely store all your documents in one place and gives you the ability to easily share any updates or changes with any member of your team at the touch of a button.

Worried about spiralling costs?

A key part of successful project management is managing the budget and making sure the costs are not spiralling out of control. Copronet’s free suite of tools contains access to our powerful Search database, specifically developed to help save time and money.

Freedom of choice.

Whatever the type or size of your-self build project, whether you are renovating a barn, building your forever home or are looking to build a Passivhaus to reduce your carbon footprint, Copronet’s free suite of tools have been developed to simplify the processes, add value and reduce risk.

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