Copronet provides contractors with the power to find work and check credit risks

23 September 2016

Copronet an easy-to-use online platform for property and construction professionals gives contractors the power to find work they want – before the competition.

Unlike its competitors, which inform users about new jobs once the procurement process has started and when key decisions have possibly already been made, Copronet focuses on opportunities that are still ‘live’ and possibly still at the feasibility stage. This gives contractors the chance to develop business-generating relationships with people requiring their expertise earlier in the procurement process. Copronet also allows public and private sector procurement managers to invite contractors to join a project and tender for the work.

Copronet features a comprehensive set of tools to help users manage projects and interact across the construction supply chain. These include:

⦁ The ability to find unique job opportunities at the earliest possible stage with the Work Search tool
⦁ The facility to send expressions of interest to potential clients and employers
⦁ A detailed, free and intuitive Profile Builder to reduce time spent on the PAS91 Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQs)

The Profile Builder is the perfect solution for contractors hoping to bid for smaller public sector projects (under £100,000). Profile Builder allows you to show the public sector procurer your skills and expertise via a single link from Copronet, giving you an online web profile, like a mini-website. All public sector jobs are listed and are free to view.

Another unique aspect of Copronet is the ability to check the credit risk rating of potential project partners, main contractors and supply companies. Furthermore Copronet will notify you if there is any change to a credit rating, helping subscribers to protect their businesses.

“Late payment is such a big problem for contractors and that’s why we have added the optional ability to check credit risk in this way. We want to help combat late or non-payment issues for Copronet users.” David Stapleton, founder and CEO of Copronet.

Many of the tools on Copronet can be used for free once registered, with low cost monthly plan upgrade available.

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