Copronet – at last, easy to use technology, making construction child’s play

5 September 2017

Did you know that construction is a very late adopter in technology? In fact, we are the least digitised sector in Europe, even ranking below agriculture.

This should be cause for concern for everyone in our sector as the use of technology, in some shape or form can help everyone in construction be more efficient, by saving time and money.

The immediate benefits that have been proven from a recent survey taken by individuals and companies working in the construction industry and who have been using some sort of technology in their working day, have included:

  • 58% of respondents stated that they had reduced their printing costs by over a half

and more importantly –

  • 79% of those using technology to run a job found that it reduced the amount of time it takes to complete a project

Information sharing amongst a team is essential and technology allows you to do this more easily and efficiently. No doubt we have all experienced situations where information via a paper trail has been mismanaged or even lost. Technology can ensure that this no longer happens. By having everything in one secure place, disagreements are reduced and collaboration is improved, leading to benefits for everyone involved in a project.

The problem, until now at least, has been the affordability of adopting such digital solutions. However, with the arrival of Copronet, it is now possible for contractors, small or large, to access easy to use technology allowing users to share information more quickly and efficiently with other members of the team through its Project Hub tool.

Project Hub allows you to manage your workflow more easily, saving you time and money.

You can manage your information and documents instantly and you decide what information you share, when you share and whom you share it with. Project Hub allows you to message anyone within your project and you can also find and review potential new team members via the Copronet platform.

NAPIT is a partnered with Copronet. The suite of tools within the platform also include a tool to help you find new work, a credit rating tool and more- all helping contractors to grow, manage and protect their businesses.

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