Construction Innovation and Technology

16 August 2016


Progress in innovation and construction technology throughout the industry continues at a relentless pace. In fact, construction has been the industry that has been the driving force behind innovation and change across the globe. This drive has made innovations more common place and what was once previously extremely expensive and difficult to obtain, is now readily accessible and far cheaper.

Innovations that once changed the very world we live in are now common place and their places in history are almost forgotten.

The widespread introduction of concrete as a building material, the development of roads and maximising the use of running water in cities for example were three of the main reasons that the Roman Empire grew and thrived.

Today we take all three of these very much for granted, and concrete after being very much ‘overused’ as a building material, is staging a comeback as engineers and designers fully explore the versatility and attributes of mixing Portland cement, water and aggregate.

Glass is another. Today glass is seen as a ‘super material’ thanks in part to its eco-friendly nature, durability, simplicity and how is can easily control access to light, energy usage and its acoustic attributes.

Glass has quickly gone from a material that just let light into a structure to being the feature that the building is created around.

Since 2010, the use of innovations such as wi-fi and mobile technologies have been joined by the strategic use of drones, BIM (Building Information Modelling), virtual reality, 3D Printing and the emergence of construction technology communities like Copronet, where businesses from every spectrum within the industry are able to collaborate in one place in order to achieve a common goal and grow in the process.

Copronet is the only free cloud-based solution for everyone involved in any stage of the construction process and our ToolBox simplifies effective project management and collaboration and can be used to build new teams and source materials.

Copronet connects clients, contractors, professionals and suppliers via its unique ToolBox which has been developed in conjunction with experts from the sector. The ToolBox provides a suite of mostly free tools which allow you to efficiently connect, analyse and manage the complex workflows and processes involved in any construction related project

The Toolbox remains as relevant to large developers or property owners as to someone opening a shop or to an individual embarking on a residential project. From feasibility to design, procurement and construction, Copronet simplifies processes and solves problems, reducing risk and adding value while pushing the levels of innovation, integration and collaboration to the next level.

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