Collaboration – How it can help your business succeed

25 October 2018

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Collaboration is an expression that is being used more and more often in construction these days, but why is everyone talking about it?

Well, it has been proven that working collaboratively with other team members will save your business time and money:

Here’s how:

Share tips and knowledge

Collaboration in our industry essentially means two or more people working together to complete the job or project on time. To achieve this, communication is key. By sharing your tips and knowledge it means that you can get jobs done more quickly. Too many jobs are held up due to poor collaboration, once you start communicating effectively it will not only help you get it done quicker it will also help you to avoid mistakes. By keeping everyone in the loop and sharing the correct information it will undoubtedly save you time and therefore, money. Good collaboration also leads to work opportunities, for example, every time you recommend a friend or colleague to a customer, you are helping them grow their business and it works the same for you.

Be smarter about how you work

Did you know that by using technology the annual value of the industry could be increased by 16%1 each and every year. Can you imagine growing your profitability by 16% each year just by working a little smarter? By using the most up to date methods of working and embracing some of the technologies available, it will not only save you time but also, money. This smarter way of working enables you to plan and finish your jobs on time to satisfaction, keeping your customers happy and in turn enabling you to take on more work.

Join the networks that are relevant to you and your trade

You can expand the way you collaborate by using your social media accounts. By joining relevant groups on Facebook and LinkedIn you can keep up to date with the latest conversations, share your knowledge and also pick up tips. You can also use these channels to connect with other construction professionals whether you are looking to grow your business or just further your networking. Despite these channels not being designed specifically for our industry they are still a way to collaborate, pick up tips and therefore are a tool to help you work better.

Collaboration is at the heart of our cloud-based platform, Copronet. Our easy to use technology gives every business, big or small, the chance to find new work and to find new people to work with. We also provide tools to help manage your part of the project smoothly, saving you time and money.

We have partnered up with NAPIT to support members with their new and existing projects.


1. McKinsey & Company 2017

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