Building an Effective Network to Find the Perfect Opportunity

24 June 2019

You are sitting at home in front of your laptop scrolling through job descriptions, company details, project plans. Would it not be easier if you had one place where you can collect all your contacts, search through live planning leads, and keep track of collaborators? A strong network of contacts which will ensure you will never have to be without work again? Then we have something for you.

At Copronet we understand the importance of having a wide network of contacts to rely on. Having access to over 500 thousand UK planning leads and public sector jobs and unique projects on the platform will help you grow your business. But how do you build that strong network?

1. Get out there

You cannot connect with people who do not know you. Showcase your skills and expertise through our Profile Builder: Who are you, what is your specialty, do you have success stories you want others to know about? It is important to make clear the value you bring to others so that they are more compelled to reach out to you.

2. Prove your worth

Upload all of your documentation and certificates which highlight you as the professional you are. These can be uploaded as PDF to your profile and visible to people you want to work with.

3. Start connecting!

If the people you want to stay connected with have not reached out to you yet, take the first step! Start off with a friendly message which introduces yourself and the reason for reaching out. A good start would be to seek out local companies and projects in your region. This way you build a reputation in your geographical area and increase the chances of finding new work.

4. Nourish your Network

Find projects that suit you. Once you made the initial connection don’t just wait for them to reach out. Identify the skills they expect from you and make sure you match the project. Highlight those skills through conversation and engaging with their content on the platform. You can then engage with the right people who are running projects which match your area of expertise.

Finally, remember that building a network online needs the same human skills as building one offline. Be honest, transparent and a good listener. Ensure that the relationship ads value to all parties. Copronet allows you to find the right people to connect with, helping you to grow, manage and protect your business. Sign up for free today here, it takes less than a minute!

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