5 Ways You Can Take Your Business to The Next Level

1 October 2018

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Your business is up and running and now you are thinking of taking your construction business to the next level. Taking the plunge can be daunting so we have come up with five ways that can help you grow and make your business a success.

  1. Build a strong brand for your business

First impressions count, customers will look at your professionalism. One of things they will look at it whether you have a branded van or not, also note that it is good for advertising whilst you are driving about. Think about creating a website, or at least a Facebook and Instagram page, that way you can build your credibility. Use testimonials online and allow encourage people to leave reviews on your Facebook page. You can use social media to share pictures of your great work – potential customers will look at these.

  1. Take on employees

Finding the right team may just be your key to success. Taking on employees enables you to take on more work and by doing so you can expand your business further afield. Whether you are employing an experienced tradesman or apprentice make sure they are up to speed on your business. They need to look the part and be well informed on your pricing and payment terms. You must also bear in mind the additional legal requirements such as employers liability insurance. 

  1. Manage your customers’ expectations

Make sure your customers are well aware from day one what your payment terms are. Do not waiver and always keep to your terms to avoid unpaid invoices. Get on top of your invoicing and don’t forget to give it to your customer on completion of the job. 

  1. Use the right suppliers

Your customers will always want value for money. Finding the middle ground on parts is the best option as no one wants to pay for a quick fix but they also do not want to pay over and above to cover your costs. Find the right suppliers that provide you with durable products at a reasonable price. This will then allow you to provide competitive quotes.

  1. Secure repeat business

Your customers will expect you to be professional and reliable. Be on time and be honest with the work that needs doing. To really be successful in business you need to retain your customers, build a rapport with them and they will use you time and time again.

We have partnered up with CIPHE to help their members grow their businesses. Our suite of tools will support you with your business needs and allow you to keep everything in one place, saving you time and money. We have chosen 3 of our tools that will support you when taking your business to the next level:

Profile Builder

  • Create your business profile and share it with people you want to work with
  • Showcase your business in its best possible light

Work Search

  • Find new work opportunities both in private and public sectors
  • Locate contractors, experts and specialists in your area to work with
  • Submit expressions of interest direct to the Project Manager

Finance checker

  • Protect your business with just one click; view information such as company details, credit scores, credit limits and payment trends. The information is provided by CreditSafe, one of the UK’s largest and most respected credit rating agencies, and it works by using a Rating Model analysis tool that can give you a view of your current and future customers

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