3 Top Tips for Winning More Construction Work

12 March 2019

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From our experience in working with businesses right across the construction industry, we have identified three tips to help improve your chances of winning new construction contracts.

  1. Choose a job that you are good at

Ask yourself if the contract is really what you want to go for before you go ahead with your quote. Focus on the key strengths of your business and stick to what is best for you and make sure that it is achievable for you and your team. If you decide to go ahead, when quoting for work have some evidence of feedback on a similar job and be prepared to give some examples of great work you have done on other jobs.

  1. Build a relationship with the client

Identify exactly what the client wants and maybe offer them some different options for how they could go about the job. Build trust with the client by being quick to respond to questions, and by being open and honest in your responses.

  1. Price the job up sensibly

Many of your competitors will price the job up lower than their costs. Consider why the contract should be awarded to you at your price or higher than you competitors, make sure the job is achievable for your team and price it accordingly. If you want to put forward a low quote, then ensure you have the capability of achieving the time line with no potential problems along the way. If you make the mistake of pricing too low without a plan, then you could lose a lot of money.

Choosing the right contracts and understanding the bidding process will separate your business from the rest aside from the fact it will save you a lot of time!

Copronet supports you with winning new construction contracts, get started by filling in your Profile Builder, allowing you to showcase your company. You can then start searching and quoting for contracts using our Work Search tool. There are 1000’s of contracts that are updated daily.

Save time and money with Work Search:

  • Find the right contract by defining the sector, region, value or type
  • Express your interest direct to the project manager at the earliest possible time
  • Find the right contact details to tender for public contracts
  • Set up reminders and alerts to suit your workload and your locality – never miss out on a work opportunity again

This article was written for NAPIT. We have partnered up with NAPIT to support their members to grow, manage and protect their businesses.

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