3 Reasons for going Paperless for the New Year

1 December 2018

paper airplane

Christmas is approaching and it’s the time we start thinking of our New Years resolutions. Going paperless will save your business time and money and its easier than you think with our Project Hub tool. Here are some of the benefits of using our construction technology to manage your jobs.

  1. Document management
    Project Hub can be used as a document management tool enabling you to organise your jobs and paperwork more smoothly but it can also be used to manage a team. Create your new and existing jobs in a few steps and upload all your relevant documents in an instant allowing you to keep everything in one place. You have the ability to invite team members into your jobs and share relevant information quickly keeping everyone in the loop.
  2. Manage your workflow on the go
    Going paperless and having everything in a cloud-based filing system means you can access all your documentation and information on any device with an internet connection. This proves to be life saver when you are on the go.
  3. Secure platform
    We know how important it is to our users to feel protected. Our platform is fully secure, we use the most trusted service in the world running constant back-ups to ensure your details and information are fully protected.

Managing your work load this way could see you finishing jobs ahead or on time and saving yourself money. We offer our Project Hub tool for free however once you upgrade to our monthly Pro Plan your storage increases. You also get the added benefit of 4 finance checks per month so you can check any one in your supply chain’s financials to ensure you get paid on time.

Start your New Year off with a positive change to how you manage your documentation. Register for free here.

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