NAPIT working with Copronet “Verified By”

NAPIT and Copronet

Working together to help you get seen by more customers and win more work!

Copronet is the “all in one” toolkit for construction which is transforming the way the industry works. The user-friendly platform helps trades, suppliers, contractors and clients come to together, be more productive and better organised.

Trusted by some of the largest companies in the UK, who are looking for specialists just like you, “Verified By” ensures that you stand out from the crowd !

Being Copronet verified will save you time and immediately promote your business to the 35,000 trades and companies already on the Copronet platform.

Our “Verified By” service reduces the time it takes for potential customers to check out your company. We do the initial work ourselves, up front. And that puts you one step ahead in the selection process every time.

During the “Verified By” process our team will review and verify (where applicable) the following:

1. Company details
2. VAT registration details
3. Insurance amounts and expiry dates
4. Health and Safety qualifications (only for members of SSIP approved schemes)
5. Confirmation of membership
6. ISO qualifications

What’s more, our system makes it easy for you to maintain your “Verified By” status by sending you automated alerts when any of your key documentation is due to expire; so that you have one less thing to worry about!

It also allows you to easily share your full “Verified By” listing (documents, case studies and more) with potential customers and buyers, both on and off the platform. Customers can exactly match their needs by searching by expertise, location, turnover and more. This saves them time also.

See why ‘McCarthy & Stone are saving time and money thanks to our “Verified By” service’

Just use code “NAPITOFFER” on sign up.