• Construction Management for Contractors

    Contractors can often have a tough time when it comes to construction management.

    Copronet helps make sure contractors avoid stumbling blocks and can liaise with their works contractors directly through a platform that is easy to use.

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    Better construction management for contractors

    Contractors carrying out construction management usually do so on large scale projects which will see them work with other contractors, independent teams and have to act as the first port of call in many influential decisions.

    We know that every contractor wants to avoid their projects turning into a juggling act. We have created a platform that helps contractors find, secure and manage projects with ease.

    What construction management should be

    Contractors want an effortless and smooth workload throughout a project. From experience, we know that this just isn’t possible 100% of the time.

    Managers need to be impartial, reactive and know how to keep projects progressing rather than simply ticking along.

    From finding construction project management leads to planning projects, our intuitive platform has you covered.

    To help those in management, Copronet has a free to use platform with a focus on:




    Construction management with the platform

    The Copronet interface makes management easier by:

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    Giving you one dedicated space for management

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    Simplifying how you can contact collaborators

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    Providing secure online storage for important documents

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    Helping you keep tabs on project budgets

    Construction management software with teamwork in mind

    On larger projects, you can find yourself sometimes stuck when trying to progress with other contractors on specific issues.

    Through your Copronet profile, you can add collaborators to projects. This helps provide clarity on project status, what tasks may be getting held up due to external issues that crop up and help others access documents in a secure space without having to wait on you.

    Construction management software for your niche

    No matter what your specific sub-industry speciality is, you’ll be able to find leads and projects on Copronet. We have over 400,000 new project leads based in the UK added every day.

    Whether you’re centred around asbestos removals, fit outs, mechanical and electrical opportunities, general builds, or civil engineering, our detailed contractor management software will help keep your projects running seamlessly.

    Keeping track of costs

    There’s no need to keep a strict eye on budgets at all times. The built-in finance checker helps you see a partner’s finances and know their level of reliability for helping projects run within budget accordingly. If you opt for our Pro Plan, you’ll be able to perform up to 4 full credit rating checks per month.

    We’ve worked with one of the leading rating agencies in the world on these features that allow you to be alerted to any financial changes a company you’re working with has had, including credit score, address changes and the little things that can create easily avoided hurdles.

    Making files accessible

    Don’t run the risk of wasting time and money trying to find files here, there and everywhere. Copronet members can create project folders for storing important documents that you can easily grab when needed.

    Contractors find this to be beneficial when it comes to sourcing and securing leads, as that dedicated space saves from having to deliver the same documents over and over manually.

    Paying members can enjoy additional features including:

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    Full company branding

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    Secure file sharing

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    15GB data storing

    Affordable construction management for contractors

    Copronet has made it easy and affordable to manage projects of all sizes.

    Whether you’re trying out a free account or paying only £7 per month for a Pro Plan, we guarantee you’ll be able to use our interface easily and effectively. This ensures you have constant access to information in a way that improves your decision making.

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