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Within our range of business tools, we are helping UK based businesses better understand their partners’ finances.

Copronet can help you stay on top of finances and provide insight into how it may affect ongoing and future projects.

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Business credit checks made easy

About to work on a new project, but would like to know whether there’s an associated risk involved?

Copronet can run business credit checks on prospective partners to help you understand what their current credit is like so you make informed choices.

How do I run a credit check on a business?

Simply put; you don’t. We do all the hard work for you.

We have partnered with CreditSafe to carry out full financial reports on your behalf. Their expert analysis and our software take data and present it in a clear and easy to understand format.

What information can I get from a credit check?

Pro Plan members can carry out four credit reports as part of their subscription every month. Running a report will let you know:

• Credit scores
• Credit limits
• Financial vitals
• Payment trends
• Group Structure
• Directors

Analysis based on invoice trends

With any business credit check, Copronet users can also get an idea of payment information for a business. We’ll be able to highlight how reliable a business is with paying outstanding invoices within 30 days, and how many are currently outstanding.

How do I find a company’s credit rating?

When you submit a company you want to be checked, we’ll provide you with their current credit score along with any recent changes to get a good idea of a company’s credit health.

You’ll also be told their credit limit and contract limit when applicable, to provide information that can bring clarity to any potential project.

Deeper insights when we check

As black and white as figures can get, it helps to get some context behind a credit check. When checks are run by you, you’ll also see a commentary providing deeper insights.

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Get to know

How a company is treated respective to its size

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The associated risk the company has within its specialised industry

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How cash flow is treated

Screening potential partners

Our simple credit checks can help to understand whether a potential partner or supplier can work with you as promised.

You’ll be able to assess if there are any risks to be aware of and add a layer of protection for your business ahead of an upcoming project.

Benefits of business credit checks

We help users to:

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Reduce exposure to risk

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Stay one step ahead of potential problems with our handy alerts if there is a change in key financials

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Monitor existing partnerships

Business credit check alerts

No one wants to be surprised with the news that a partnership may fall through or run into difficulties due to credit issues.

Copronet’s finance checker tool can keep track of companies you’re working with and their finances.

For example, when their credit score, registered address or directors have changed, you will be notified immediately so you can stay up to date with every aspect of a project; even those that could be hidden from you.

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