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We created Copronet to make the construction industry fairer, faster and more efficient. Inspired by our own experience, we want to provide the digital hub that was missing from our sector – a single place where people, tools and work come together.

As a business, we will always be transparent, honest and fair

We want everyone to have access to the best technology without having to worry about the cost. So, there will always be a free plan for Copronet, and our pricing for other plans will always be affordable. We don’t believe in contracts.  We want you to stay because you value what Copronet brings to your working day, not because you’re locked in.

You can help change the industry too

We want you to love using Copronet and we’d like your help in making it even better. Copronet will keep evolving as we launch new features and fine-tune the experience.

If you have suggestions about what you’d like to see, let us know.


The Team

The Copronet team has a big vision for the industry. Together they have a compelling mix of deep sector knowledge and technical expertise

David Stapleton

Chief Executive Officer

The Co-founder of Copronet (formerly TenderSpace), David’s extensive experience in successful commercial property ventures truly cemented his view that the industry needed a unifying common denominator. He saw a way to simplify, and at the same time strengthen, the ties that bind us all towards the same productive, profitable goals. Copronet is the result of this vision, and it’s a result that David is really excited to have helped realise.

David Stapleton CEO Copronet

Emma Stapleton

Chief Operating Officer

Emma is the Co-founder of Copronet (formerly TenderSpace). Integral to shaping Copronet’s raison d’etre, Emma – like David – knew that the only way to bring construction together was to create a network that is as hard-working and goal-focused as the people who populate it. But why stop there? Having spent many years in Board-level positions within the industry, Emma knew that Copronet could also become a powerful force for growth, and she’s worked alongside David and the team to forge the tools that can make this happen.

Mike Jeffries

Non Executive Chairman

Mike Jeffries brings to Copronet a wealth of experience in the architecture, property and construction sectors. He is a qualified architect and has an in-depth knowledge of architecture and support services. Mike was previously Chairman and CEO of WS Atkins, a leading planning, project management and consulting services company.

Mike provides extensive boardroom experience. He has previously been Chairman of Priory, Mouchel, NCP, Wembley National Stadium, VT Group and Civica. He has also been a senior independent director on the board of De La Rue and he is currently Chairman of Wyless Plc.

Civica Mike Jeffries Profile

Josh Carrivick

Product Development Manager

Josh is central to Copronet’s evolution. His direct experience of Project Management, from both Client and Contractor perspectives places him in an ideal position to help shape the direction of our product. Josh is driven by a strong desire to continually enhance customer experience, by listening to feedback and then fine-tuning, where appropriate, to create a product they love to use. His core motivation is to ensure that every release is user-friendly, saving our customers time and money, and providing optimal value for money.

Josh Carrivick Profile

Aide Gomez Miguelez

Marketing Coordinator

Aide is enthusiastic about brand management and media relations. She joined Copronet just this year and coordinates the marketing efforts to ensure high impact marketing and public relations campaigns. She recently graduated from Bournemouth University and is our youngest member. In her free time, she participates in rowing competitions or spends her weekends in London with friends. 

Claire Daly

Executive Assistant

Claire brings over 20 years of administrative experience to the table. Claire directly handles our day-to-day administrative duties, including HR and financial matters. She helps make it possible for us to fulfil our promise of transparency in all we do, and her commitment to efficiency means we’re able to pass on additional value-for-money to our customers.

Claire Daly profile

Mark Pynen

Chief Technology Officer

Mark is responsible for realizing Copronet’s website and digital development vision. He has over nineteen years of practical experience in the technology industry and has worked on numerous technical projects with high profile organisations in both the private and public sector, including FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies. Technology agnostic, Mark uses a diverse range of technologies across popular software stacks to deliver projects including CMS builds, e-commerce projects, cloud based projects, bespoke development and providing technical strategy on digital projects.

Mark Profile

Richard Cleeve

Lead Developer/ System Architect

Richard began developing web applications when Amazon was merely a twinkle in Jeff’s eye. Starting off as a programmer then moving into project management and running development departments, he has delivered software projects to government agencies, blue chip customers, medium sized enterprises and startups; including Capita/Gas Safe Register, Gemserv/Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), and the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments (CISI).  Today, Richard is central to Copronet’s product vision and is proud to be part of the team.

Richard Cleeve Profile

Mat Leaver

Brand Director

Mat’s path in branding and marketing has taken in a diverse range of experience from client to supplier, through different industries, to business owner, and from small, local companies to global enterprises. While working with the co-founders in the brand’s infancy and having been inspired by the vision and principles of Copronet, he is dedicated to making the most intangible part of Copronet, its brand, reflect the shared goals of its customers, with real benefits that will improve the construction industry day after day.

Mat Leaver Profile


Head of Morale

Humphrey is one of the newest members of the Copronet team. His key skills include motivational barking (mainly to encourage walks outside) and keeping the meeting room sofa warm for when guests visit us.


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