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    At any stage, from design to post completion, Copronet gives you class-leading affordable solutions to everyday problems, no matter what your role or size of project.

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    Your Solutions

    Whether you are running projects or growing and managing your supply chain, our tools help you do this with ease.

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    Broaden your network. Realise your potential. With Copronet, you have more power than ever before to grow and manage your construction network.

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    Build a network only you can see and search with discretion

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    Build relationships with verified specialists

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    Organise your approved connections with tags

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    Privately share documents with only your chosen connections

    Matching specialists and opportunities

    Copronet keeps you in touch and informed like no other platform.

    Our unique Network keeps you in touch with the people you know and lets you contact the people you want to know. Like LinkedIn but just for our industry, it will become your homepage for construction.

    And so that you don’t miss out on any projects you might want to work on, our powerful Work Search does the hard work for you, by matching your skills with the projects, delivering these opportunities straight into your inbox.

    Verification and supply chain management

    For sub-contractors, Copronet has introduced the free Verified By service, because we think the supply chain already faces too many indirect taxes just to be in business.

    And for main contractors, our Supply Chain Management solutions free up business-critical resources and mean that you can have confidence in your teams.

    Built on “best in class” technology, our Project Hub gives you all of the tools that you need to run a successful project, no matter how small or large, at a price that is impossible to beat.

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    Manage your project from feasibility to post completion, in a secure, cloud based, common data environment

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    Manage your team with ease- from document management, tasks and discussions, ensuring seamless collaboration

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    Your project- your control. You decide what information you share and who you share it with

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    Review and assess potential new team members who have expressed an interest in working for you, quickly and easily

    Managing your tasks and teams

    Our Project Planner couldn’t be simpler to use so that you can get your project up and running in minutes. Set your tasks and timelines. Invite your team. Share and link documents.

    Collaborate on Drawings and Documents

    Live Collaborations on drawings and documents, even offline, means that you can save time and avoid mistakes, whilst keeping a record of actions and comments. Tasks that took hours can now take minutes.

    Document Manager is critical for every project and now it is simpler. From intelligent folders to keep everything in one place to share permissions and discussions, everyone is on the same page.

    The ToolBox

    From feasibility through to completion, our tools help everyone work more efficiently.

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    Verified Network

    Connect with the right people and reach out to valuable additions to your supply chain.

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    Project Hub

    Manage your project from start to finish. Secure portal. Easy collaboration.

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    Profile Builder

    Showcase your professional skills and expertise. Grow your business. Free verification.

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    Work Search

    Find your next project. Thousands listed. Easy to search. Constantly updated.

    The ToolBox

    From feasibility through to completion, our tools help everyone work more efficiently.

    (Hover over the icons to see the tools in action)

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